SVM Training

Welcome to Shorts Video Maker.
You can use it for free to generate tags, titles, most used words, average duration of top 3 and top 20 video and description easily.

It’s very simple to use .
Open the software SVM and wait for some time. It takes about 40-50 seconds to load.
Enter ‘video’ in place of user id and click the button ‘Validate User’.
Then you will be taken to the next screen.

Here, enter the search term or the keyword for which you want to generate details
Then click ‘Generate Video Details’.
You will get a popup asking for confirmation. Click ‘OK’
Then within a minute, details will be generated inside the folder named ‘OutputData’.
You will get a popup after the file is successfully generated. Again, click ‘OK’
It’s that simple.

So, start using the software for great results.